So the wonderful Elizabeth McTernan was curating this show at HORSEANDPONY Fine Arts in Berlin, and wanted to include the General Booty of Work easter egg Timberrrr, this one:

Then she got on a roll, and the show got named after the track, then a piece of GBW graphic became the flyer. I'm honored! It's a lovely show, also with: Leah Beeferman, Antje Blumenstein,
Jukka Hautamäki, Adrian Lohmüller, Yotaro Niwa, Taavi Suisalu & Iskender Yediler. On view 7.12.2014 − 5.1.2014.

The recent TOVES video documentary 'Janus Høm' will move from its place at the Astrup Fearnley Museum where it's been taking 1857's spot in the exhibition Europe Europe, to 1857. Go there instead.

Musikerne Maler, Malerne Musicerer og Digterne Holder Kæft ( ((> ) is still up at Overgaden. It pays tribute to the exhibition of the same name from 1989, curated by
Vagn E. Olsson, and by many regarded the last manifestation of punk in Copenhagen. I've been curating alongside Vagn himself, Amalie Smith, Ragnhild May and Klimakrisen.
My curation for the show is about the career path of an artist as an interdisciplinary, and features an amazing little bunch of artists: Honza Hoeck, Manet iPad Cover,
Lars Arnfred Fynboe, Marie Thams, Davide Savorani who is here for the month all the way from Italy, and Lea, who has interpreted the title for me and given it an amazing voice ( ((> ).
I myself have entered a little peace installation by the name Tom Bombadil Jam Band, backing up the information pamphlet, and paying tribute to the band of artists participating.
Do come and see it, it's a messy but electric exhibition, and Davide is working on his window piece till December 15.. Or go to webpage … to see Honza's documentation photo intervention and find Lea's voice for the exhibition title.

This was fun: Vi tager intet answer.

Listen to the GENERAL BOOTY OF WORK broadcast HAVING A WEIRD TIME COMING HOME! The program was part of the recent exhibition EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, a collaboration
between Green is Gold and Neter Proyectos. There's loads of good stuff lined up. Go to www.generalbootyofwork.net


We're scrolling like there's no tomorrow, The publication for MAKING ROOM should launch on December 18. Till then there's still a old but perky little interview with me on Kunstkritikk.