Rarely have I had this much stage fright: The tv-show / work ALLONS-Y @ X AND BEYOND commissioned by the Danish Arts Foundation premieres on Danish National tv channel DR K March 29, 22:30, featuring Pernille Abd-el Dayem, Bjarke Valentin, Doctor Anette Tønnes Pedersen and PhD and gender researcher Lea Skewes, a really lovely live audience and a pee fountain.
If you tune in 21:30 you can also see Kristoffer Ørum, Katya Sander, Anders Visti, and Louise Vind Nielsens tv pieces before mine, and the evening continues with Jørgen Michaelsen.
Or you can cheat and go to TVkunst 2016 to see all the works.

TOVES has gotten tired of being a space and will soon reveal exciting transformations, till then watch the least understood press release of the month here. =)

Up coming is my solo show April 15 @ Tiny Affairs, an exhibition space residing on artist Sara Sandfær's nails.
I have the great honor of doing the opening show! More soon. Sickly excited!

My room @ Roskilde MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART's 25th anniversary show is still up, also featuring Olof Olson, Kenneth Balfeldt, Rolf Novotny and Claus Haxholm.
I have curated a number of works from the collection, not least by Ragna Braase, Det Fri Universitet i København and Ann Lislegaard, and included work by Honza Hoeck and Kasper Vang. Also the exhibition space Formic by David Stjernholm plays an important part.

Which brings me to this: I have curated a show at Formic - it features an adaptation for the ants of the work Trauma 11 by Det Frie Universitet.

Also upcoming is my participation in KUNST & FETICHISME @ Holsterbro Kunstmuseum, and in the Søby Sommer Biennale.

The MAKING ROOM publication, including Honza Hoeck chapter in scroll form, edited by Marie Thams, yours truly et al. has via KALEID editions, been included in the artist book collections of KHiO-biblioteket, Oslo; V&A, London; SAIC Library Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, Chicago and MoMA Library, NYC.
It can still be bought @ Torpedo in Oslo, Motto in Berlin, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, and -1 at Den Frie, Copenhagen.

Oh! And I am teaching at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen this year.